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I’m about to have a very large glass of wine, because a tree fell on my house today. The house we have only had for 7 months. It was our tree and we are probably screwed on insurance because as soon as we bought the place we should have gotten rid of it. It was just on our to do list....

Luckily! no one hurt! It was the corner so although there will be quite a bit spent in repairs we don’t think there is any structure damage, and there are no holes in the roof (though a little one on the side) and no rain until Monday! In the grand scheme of things we are lucky, but why do these things have to happen a week before Christmas when our bank account balance is not looking too healthy.

I wish I had a landlord to call...Anybody got more fun stories to distract me?

ETA: We are still waiting to hear back from the adjustor, does anyone know if we should wait for them before we call in the professionals to move the tree, or just do it?

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