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Welcome To The Bitchery

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I took today off to take my cat, Baxter, to an eye specialist. His left eye has always been wonky since we got him 7 years ago but our vets could only tell us what they thought it’s deal was because they were general practitioners. Well, we finally live close enough to see an animal ophthalmologist.


Baxter was so good for them as they did a couple of eye specific tests and the doctor examined him. Basically, once upon a time before we got him he had some type of traumatic injury to that eye that pierced the cornea, so there was some level of scarring. Then a cataract developed, probably in response to that trauma. Now the cataract completely covers that one eye. The vet said that other than the cataract his eye appears healthy; normal pressure, no inflammation, tear production normal. So while there is an exceedingly rare chance of cancer with cataracts in cats that her current advice was that it didn’t need intervention. We could opt to remove the eye just to remove that possibility at all but that since he has been like this for 7+ years that she wasn’t concerned as long as we continue to monitor it.

I might talk to our regular vet to price point what that surgery would cost but it was nice just to get some peace of mind about it. He was so good that I bought him some new treats, a Halloween toy, and as luck would have it his handmade catnip toys arrived today as well.

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