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Today I got an invitation for a skype-type interview with a super amazing school inn a completely different field from my degree or my current affiliation. I am in shock - and am so nervous. They wanted to do the interview either while I was still in New Orleans or early the morning after I get back (and I am getting back after midnight). Luckily they were able to push it back a couple days so it gives me time to prepare. There’s a colleague who is here at this conference who used to work there - so I am hoping we can connect so I can pick her brain about the department/university. I hope this is a good sign - that if they liked my cover letter and CV, that that means others will as well and that I will get more interviews. I have applied to 8 places, and will apply to more once I get back from New Orleans. If any of you academics can tell me anything about skype-type faculty interviews, I would be grateful!!!

Take a look at some art in New Orleans, and tell me what is up with you!

Furby! My colleague and I were just mesmerized by this and were able to identify multiple types of animals and then cracked up at how good we are at recognizing animals. We had not been drinking. Also, I love the yellow bird. Did any of you have puffalumps???
Pez dispenser art!

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