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Evening OT and life advise, pls.

Happy Wed. evening, all! How’s your week going?

It’s looking like another cancelled (or at least delayed) school day tomorrow. Which. Cool.


Soooo, I have been, shall we say, strongly encouraged by my boss to apply for a deanship. Am I crazy not to want it? It’s very flattering that they thought of me and it feels like I’m supposed to want it... it would definitely set me up for more promotions and significant raises in the future.

But it would also mean less time with students, which is like the best part of my job. And less time off and less flexibility in my schedule which are like the 2nd and 3rd best parts of my job. ;)

I’ve always been really ambitious so it feels weird to be like, Nope, I’m just going to be in the same job til I retire. But I think that’s what I actually want? Maybe?

Ugh. Sorry. Feel free to ignore that first worldiest of problems. I’m just trying to process.


Anyway, tell me all about your day! :D

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