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Evening OT: It's not my chicken, folks

What’s for dinner? What’s happening?

For me, I’m trying to remind myself it’s not my chicken to fuck...

Last week, my father in law told me to STFU and sit down while staying at OUR house because my husband and I were having a disagreement about something. My husband was in a bad mood and took it out on me by being a brat. I was angry with him. Why was husband upset? Father in law was ragging on him about being a husband/man because he’s the primary caregiver for our daughter and only works PT (he used to be a FT SAH parent because we moved for my job). My husband told his dad to calm down and not to shout at me - he didn’t react well - and my FiL rather than apologize, called my husband half a man to me, apologized FOR my husband, and left.

In the past week, he has not apologized and husband thinks he never will. So, now we are no contact with FiL who thinks we will break. News to you, sir, my father tried this game 3 years ago. We were no contact with him until he apologized and even then, we didn’t really talk to him for about a year. So, we are good at ignoring people.

However, I have a sad because of how this is impacting mother-in-law who is nothing but supportive. While she was here for all of 2 hours (it’s a 7 hour drive to get here), she kept complaining of hip pain. My FiL made fun of her because he made her run a bunch to lose weight, I guess (I learned this after the fact), and so she didn’t ask for help until she called me crying last week. Being in the car has made her condition far worse and I told her to please go see a doctor ASAP regardless of what her husband said. Turns out she has 3 tears of muscles and ligaments in her pelvic girdle and may need a couple surgeries to fix them. I am so angry she was in all this pain and everyone made fun of her for it and now my FiL’s outburst made it worse. She also missed out on time with our kids which made her super duper sad. I know we didn’t cause this. FIL is at fault but holy shit why the fuck is he acting like this.

Also, why are all of my kids’ grandparents so fucking obnoxious?! Get your shit together people! Until you can at least not say your patriarchal bullshit around them, you’re unwelcome in our fucking house.


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