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Evening Pettiness: What's your whine?

I’m dying here, guys.

We close on our house in like 10 days. We have to pack the entire house in that time. I have about 10 big meetings between now and then which means I can pack approximately 5% of my wardrobe (which isn’t much TBH). Today, I met our Lt. Governor, which was interesting to say the least, I ran 2.6 miles, walked another 2 miles, and made a big dinner for the fam. But omfg so much to do.

My sister in law (SiL) and Brother in law (BiL) decided to set up a visit with us from Saturday to Sunday of this upcoming weekend. This was before we knew we were going to buy a house and close the following week. Fair enough, it’s just shitty timing. But seeing as they’ve never really bought a house (they inherited one property but I wouldn’t call it a house per-se), they don’t see why this is a problem. SiL and BiL were sent a text suggesting it would be better if they rescheduled with us three days after we got our clear to close. We warned them as soon as we made the offer that this could happen. She had requested at that time that we give her our bed because it’s not comfortable to sleep on an air mattress. Sorry princess. NOPE. Husband told her no air mattress, I could not cook, they were free to do whatever about food but we could not subsidize their meals, and we would have to do lots of errands so it wouldn’t mean much family time.

We also told them “no guns in the house” so BiL would need to leave his weapon at home (he has a duty weapon but it is never secured properly and has been left out for the older kids to discover before). We just don’t trust it. It took her 5 days to respond and agree to the firearm and realizing that they wouldn’t be able to use our bed, have us cook for them, or for us to be able to really “do” anything. They insisted they would just hang out all day meaning they would sit on their asses in front of our TV while I pack but since we don’t have cable they’d just complain all day that we don’t have cable and why don’t we have cable. That was there hint: we don’t really have a place for you, we don’t have time for this, you’re being rude.

Then, a few days ago, she indicated they planned to stay for FOUR DAYS. She gaslight us about confirming the two day thing - I sent her a fucking screenshot because I’m petty AF. She then insisted she was coming no matter what and we couldn’t “keep her away” from our toddler. She even suggested we reschedule our movers so we had more time to spend with them. I don’t understand why you’d go where you weren’t wanted where your family legitimately could not host you! Husband told her to come again another time and that we couldn’t host her. She cried and cried. I finally put my foot down and told him he just needed to be blunt. My mental health would not survive the weekend and if she came, I would probably end up destroying any hope of a relationship for the future. He agreed that he had to, so he did. She read the message 4 days ago and no response. I’m so fucking pissed at her. If she shows up, she will deny that she got the message and expect us to house them.

FUCK NO. She’s in her late 40s. She is not a child. I do not get this entitlement! If you care about your family, you would think you’d want to support them not demand they wait on you and disrupt their lives 5 days before they move into a new house.


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