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Evening Whinge Post. Whatcha got GT?(Aka, distract me please! Good things may be shared, too if ya have them!😉)

I got a text from my roommie this afternoon, saying that the contractor who is *supposedly* working on the downstairs bathroom would be here at 5 pm to work on it.*

I reminded her that my shift got DONE at 5, so the earliest i could be here was about 5:10, if the 4 stoplights i had to pass cooperated, so she got him to agree to 5:20, juuust to be safe.

I pulled into the driveway at 5:20 on.the.nose.

To discover that 4 bags of concrete were left on the stoop.

No contractor.

It is now 7:12. STILL no contractor.

This is the BS this guy has been pulling for nearly a month and a half now.

Roommie is PISSED, and we are at ONE working bathroom, instead of 1 full plus 1 half-bath for 3-4 people (depending on whether 3rd roommie’s kiddo is staying here that day).


It’s very much a first-world problem, but DAMN is it annoying. (And has been throwing off my diabetes management, because i USED to take my insulin as i stopped by that bathroom before i went into my bedroom... now that i don’t, i’ve forgotten to take it some nights, because the room is all ripped up & my evening routine is being done upstairs.😒)

Otoh, i ran across this post today, which was a bit of good in all the suck.

And work was fun today, too😉😆😊

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