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Eventually I'll have all my dental questions answered...

...but that day hasn’t come yet.

I had another dentist appointment today. (ETA: Part 1, Part 2) I had a root canal, build up, and a temporary crown put on. They took impressions for the permanent crown which will arrive in a few weeks.

So here’s my burning question...Will my permanent crown look the same as my temporary one?


The tooth was already partially decayed, and so instead of having a nice rectangular shape, one of the corners was missing. Before the impressions, the assistant put some wax in to fill up the hole.

When I got back to work after my appointment, I noticed my temporary crown has pretty much the same shape as my broken tooth. Obviously, if I’m getting a crown, I’d like the tooth to look as nice as possible, not just a mimic of my messed up tooth.

They made the temporary crown using the same impressions that they will send away for the permanent crown to be made. So, will the people making that crown “pretty it up”? Or is it the same process as the temporary crown, just with nicer materials?

Also, SehjMan and I go to different dentists...we have recently noticed that his is a lot more expensive. Does this mean I’m going to a cut-rate dentist? Is that going to be reflected in the quality of my dental work?


Sigh...just when I think I’m over the anxiety of all this dental stuff, it turns out I’m not.

So, does anyone have any helpful experience? Or just want to vent about something else? Or just want to console me and tell me eventually this will all be over?

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