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Ever been to a Pantry Shower?

My mom was telling me that my dad’s mom threw her a pantry shower when they got married in the mid 1970s.

All the guests brought some dry or canned goods, but everything HAD to be wrapped in newspaper.

My mom said it was super messy because of the newspaper ink, but that it was incredibly helpful because it stocked the pantry for them. They hadn’t lived together prior to marriage, so this saved them a lot of money.


I’d never heard of these before, but my grandma grew up in an orphanage and then was pretty poor when she got married and had a family, so I wonder if this kind of shower was a way also to not feel uncomfortable for not being able to give a “better” or more expensive gift? I mean about any of us could spare a can of tuna or a box of spaghetti for a party.

Part of me wonders if this isn’t really a feasible option anymore with food allergies and dietary needs being more prominent than they were back in the day. Can you imagine showing up and someone being like “oh it’s organic but the can liner isn’t BPA free..... thanks I guess...”

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