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Ever Catch Your Parent Watching Something On TV That Shocked You (let's keep it TV-MA rated and under)

This afternoon I had CNN on. Sadly they were going to stop live news at 3pm. I know its XMas but the world does not stop. Anyways at 2:30 I took out GF and BF to go to the bathroom.

I come in and what was my mother watching? I could have died. Was it HGTV? No though for an odd reasons she likes the channel. Nope. Was it a soap opera? No and actually I would have watched too. It was Jerry Springer.


Jerry Springer. If I had done this and I would never have put him on ever she would ask why was I watching it.

It was so humiliating what was shown. A couple in their twenties. The guy admitted he was using her. He then said they had sex on the first date and he then asked if that was her pattern. The woman looked so hurt. My mother said “can you believe it”. He then said he was just at a party then bragged and said a woman dragged him into the bedroom. My heart went out for the girlfriend he completely humilated her on tv it was such emotional and financial abuse. U


My mother changed it at a commercial. She went on the internet to respond to her friends email on the ipad. I flicked between end of CNN live news and Weather Channel and shopping channels. Did you know Weather Channel and Jewelry TV were only live broadcasts outside of sports at 3pm.

I don’t know why Springer did not talk to this couple about the tax bill just signed into law or Mueller’s investigation. Instead he let his male guest to emotionally abuse his girlfriend on tv.


I am really shocked my mother would watch this. It exploits misery. I am ashamed to say in college in second half of 80 I watched Sarah Jessy (sp) Raphael but it never sunk to these levels.

Do you have your “I can’t believe my (parent) was watching this”.

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