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Ever eat something...

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...that you thought was something else? I was really looking forward to one of those healthy Nutella-on-toast breakfasts. I bought a lovely ciabatta. I made my coffee, toasted the bread, smiled at the Nutella jar. I prepared my lovely treat, sat down, smiled big. Took a bite.


It was wrong. Oh, so very, very wrong. Why? How? What was this horror overtaking my mouth? And what was that yellow chunk in my bread?

It was garlic. I bought a garlic ciabatta. Which I'm sure is very delicious.

But not with Nutella.

I guess when I was looking for the loaf with the best date, I paid more attention to the numbers and overlooked the words. I mean, I know what a ciabatta looks like.


The upside, if there is one, is that I laughed very hard throughout this nightmare.

Anyone else ever do something like this? Even if I'm eating something I like, if I think it's something else, I'm horrified.

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