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Ever Experienced The Mandela Effect?

There is a concept I discovered via youtube of a concept called the Mandela Effect.

It deals with memory. Not individual memories but large groups.

One example is:

Appollo 13 the movie.

Many folks including me heard Tom Hanks say “Houston we have a problem.” Yet the line is suppose to be “Houston we’ve had a problem”.


Individuals misremember all the time. But how about large swaths all have the same misremembering of a memory..

I would think it could easily be manipulated. For example Trump lied when he said he saw Muslims in NJ cheering on 9/11. Right after you saw online people saying they saw the same thing. They did not. Yet by suggestion and acceptance of a lie being true they were open to misremembering an event.

The Mandela Effect seems interesting from a psychological view. Do we remember things as is or can different causes change ones memories? Or is there alternate realities and the differences in them are minor? I would put the Jersey lie as just a manipulation of memories where gullible racists believe in a lie to satiisfy their world view.


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