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Ever get the feeling that the gods are laughing at you?

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Husband went out to start the Suburban before he got ready for work, since it's been requiring a jump to get started, apparently because of the cold. It's dead. Completely and totally. He thinks the starter finally went. Of course, Other-Husband and his mom have the other car because they had to go up north to get his grandmother settled in a nursing home (along with other health problems, she has a spiral fracture of the femur. Not good at 83.) They won't be home until late or possibly even tomorrow.


So, he gets an unexpected day off of work. Which, on the one hand, it's cool because it's shitty-cold and snowing, and I was going to have to drive him there and go pick him up at midnight, which I now won't have to do. On that other hand, though... He's getting a "coaching". Because, yes, let's punish our barely-above-minimum-wage-despite-having-worked-there-5-years employee for not being able to afford a non-POS vehicle. Sorry, I'm a little ragey about this. It's actually possible he may be let go for this, because he's been late a few times recently due to said vehicle problems.

We got our tax return, so rent is safe, but Jesus H. Christ on a Krispy Kreme... COULD WE GET A BREAK, UNIVERSE????

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