Well today at 4:30 my mother did. Picture this three items to be xhecked out in the 12 items or inder line. First item ok, second item ok, third item. Well this is where it all goes wrong. My mother said it cost x the computer said y. Price difference 40 cents. The cashier called over another clerk. My mother said where it was, oh this clerk is new, a 1 year tag on her coat. One minute went by line went from two to four, another minute even longer. Five minites so my mother said she was going to look for her. The clerk had to get a manager to help her find it. So finally 8 minutes the line reached about 15 deep the two came bqck. Guess who was right about the price? Yup my mother. She apologized to the cashier who was gracious and said do not worry about it. I suspect she considered this a break.