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I never have. My mother thought she had one about to deliver me but she always thought it was the drugs they were pumping her with. In the 60s it seemed hospitals were big on giving women drugs when about to deliver. She thought she was being lowered into a casket not a operating table for the csection.

I believe they happen but is it just essentially a huge jolt to the brain that causes images or flashbacks? Could these images be what we expect to see when dying? Essentially could we know we are dying and these images like seeing love ones be the brains way of helping us cope?

I need to stop watching Proof. I never thought of NDEs before now I am. I suspect NDEs are more related to the theories of Elizabeth Kubbler Ross’s stages of death then the bible. Also there is a movie with Roy Scheider that does an excellent explanation of her theory. Mind blanked out on the name. He plays a choreographer.

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