The woman who cut my hair last time just fucking killed it up and down the street. I have wavy hair. In this humidity blow driers and flat irons are useless. Fact. There is nothing for it but a little anti-frizz spray, a little scrunching, and hoping for the best.

I have a really complicated schedule. I never really know when I'm going to be free, I move frequently, and I'm often out of state for months, which means that I'm constantly walking in or trying new places. This time, I went in and said: I have wavy hair, can you cut it so that it looks nice? She said, pfft, yes, I'm a goddamned professional. Less that 20mins later, my hair was perfect. At first I wasn't really sure about the space between layers, but she said: trust me on this one.

It has been a couple of weeks and my hair still looks A-MAZE-ING! Like, just really, really good with very little effort. Stylists like her are a gift and should be celebrated and appreciated as goddamned heroes.

ETA: for the people who asked, for a limited time. Keep in mind, it's really difficult to take a good picture of wavy hair because it's really a three dimensional thing, squashed down to two dimensions.

*poof* I think everyone who was going to see the picture saw it. Sorry if you didn't, I just don't want it lingering in my history.