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Welcome To The Bitchery

And argue about something specific? I have been fighting strawmen in my head all day because I've been working on some papers about grazing on the shortgrass prairie and getting really mad about how so-called environmentalists will make absurd, unscientific blanket pronouncements (e.g. "Public lands grazing is an environmental catastrophe!") and have NO idea what they're talking about and just assume they're right without understanding the science. See also: mustangs and burros. I just want to yell at someone about ecologically-oriented misconceptions! Well, just my luck, now I'm trying to avoid the greys on the hunting article because people are saying some super dumb shit and I know I would just yell like a crazy person (plus I have the power of ungreying, so I'm double-bound to not engage).

For the record, though? People don't take heart-lung shots on animals to "preserve the trophy," they do it because heads are a small, unreliable, easy to miss target and the likelihood that you just wound an animal rather than kill it cleanly are WAY higher if you tried to do that. Heart-lung shots are by far the most humane STOP BEING IGNORANT, GREY PERSON. Argh.

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