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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Update: Ever Have This Kind Of Chicken?

We were at a small second hand store and we talked to the owner. Very nice woman and known her for years . We then discussed area restaurants. The owner mentioned this restaurant that had closed down for renovations for a month.

Well the owner said why they really shut down it was not for renovations but selling “sea chicken” do you know what the state health inspectors found in the freezers. Seagulls.


Seagulls often fly inland amd oddly love grocery store parking lots. I fear this is where they got their seagulls.

Ever have “sea chicken”?

Update out of curiousity I looked up if seagulls were edible and its sort of up to debate since there is not much meat and meat can taste nasty. I wonder her source for this. It makes for a great gossipy story but I wonder if she fell for gossip. I imagine an owner of a small store hears gossip all the time.

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