I was talking to her tonight and she was mentioning that a husband of a friend died suddenly and even though they aren't as close as they were, my mom sent her flowers. She told me that when I was born—because there was no father around and the only person that sent her flowers was that friend and her mother because giving birth on your own as a woman in rural Canada in the early 70s was scandalous, even though her own mother had not grown up with a father either (that's a whole different story full of mystery). My mom had fled from my biological father and then he and his mother denounced me. This was before she was pressured to marry my awful stepfather. She was 23 at the time with two other children, living with all of us in one room at my grandparents' house. My mom said it meant a lot to her because it was so lonely so she'd never forget that gesture ofkindness. She was shamed at a time where she really needed support. Really shamed by everyone around her. That's a whole story too. And she was just so young to be dealing with that amount of stress.

I've always liked working with single parent families. I have a lot of love for the single mom because of my own experience.

I also told her that those jerky relatives didn't realize I was the best thing to happen to that damned family. I want my baby flowers.