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Ever made really good "dinner rolls"? No? Follow me...

Ahhhhh, there's NOT ONE THING better than finding a perfect "go to" recipe - and this is the STUFF. Also, made for perfect bread crumbs for chicken parm tonight. (Just cut them in half and tossed them on a rack in a 300 oven for a few until they dried out, then ran through the food processor with some parm, garlic powder and "Italian Seasoning" I had in the cabinet for some reason.) (Wait also amazing is when a household cleaner works like it should. But I digress.)

Even better, watch the video (if this pertains to your interests) for how to form these perfect lunch-lady rolls. Pro-tip: about halfway through baking take a stick of butter (SALTED, bitchesssss) and rub it over the hot rolls. Sex. Pure sex.


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