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Ever see a comment on a website

and just get completely, 100% jaw-droppingly creeped out?

B/c this comment on the Gawker post about the dude that stabbed his GF gave me the creeping horrors. I'm truly freaked out to think that there are people out there that actually believe that someone can be "pushed to act" (as in, out of their control, can't be helped) in a violent way by someone else's WORDS. Oh sure, he backtracks with a mealy-mouthed clarification that it's still totally not ok and he definitely isn't condoning the behavior, but at the end of the day, he still believes that it's possible to push someone to uncontrollable violence through words...I have creep goosebumps now. NO ONE can make you do anything, guy, unless they're holding a gun to your head!!! Seriously, can we send cops to this guy's house to make sure there are no bodies in the backyard?


The mentality it takes to think "guy stabs girl - let's immediately wonder what SHE did to HIM to cause this to happen" - just ugh ugh ugh. Thank god at least most of the responders to that guy were sane humans who disagreed.

*UPDATE: I've been reasonably convinced this guy is just a troll. Never forget to check that all-important comment history, people!

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