So last night i was getting really mad at Arkham City. I was at the Armory in the Museum, trying to get the thing i needed to protect me from the Ice Gun attack Penguin was using. All the walkthroughs said i was to walk near Freeze's suit and it would trigger a cut scene. Well i did that it felt like over a thousand times. Ran all over the place to see if there was something i missed. Nothing. I'm getting madder and madder until i finally i give up and go to bed.

Well as i'm in bed i read some walkthroughs and realize that i was supposed to find Freeze in another wing that i thoughts i had cleared out. I beat all the baddies and thought it was taken care off. Well now i gotta do that stupid slow walk on the ice to get back to the other side and find Freeze, then go all the way back to the Armory to get the weapon i need....*sigh*

All the time i was yelling at the game for being bugged. Guess i was the one with the bug.