Even though they caught the guy, every day it feels worse. Yesterday it was a few pieces of jewelry. Today it's my freaking suitcase. The burglar loaded up all my stuff into MY SUITCASE and wheeled it right out of my apartment. I only had one suitcase. One very nice suitcase. Now I have to borrow a suitcase from my friend for a trip to the west coast tomorrow. And I can't stop picturing someone leaving my home, with all my stuff, in MY DAMN SUITCASE.

I've been to the police station three times in the last week. Today, discovering my suitcase missing felt like getting punched in the gut. It's not fair. It's not ok. It's not right that someone takes all these things I've worked hard for, and all these things that are so meaningful to me, and turns around and pawns them for less than 1% of their value. The police recovered a few pieces of jewelry worth...oh...maybe $200-$300. He sold it all for $6. This guy has already been to jail 3 times for burglary/breaking and entering? Why was he even out on the streets?

I have so much to do today and all I can do is sit on my couch and cry. I'm unemployed. I've lost so much, and now I'm going to a busy family event that will stress out my introvert brain, and I can't even bring my weighted blanket that helps me calm down and sleep, because I won't have room in the suitcase I'm borrowing.

It really has to get better soon.