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Every day is Fuck-It Friday

UPDATE: I wore one of my new dresses today and people could not stop complimenting it. Even took off the shrug when the office got too warm and I felt FABULOUS. Thanks for all of your support in my Fuck It-ing!

Yesterday I was trying on some lovely dresses (SERIOUSLY on sale) that were flattering in every way. And I hesitated to get them because they're sleeveless and I don't like my fat arms. And then I was just hit by a massive "Fuck It!" wave. And I've been riding that wave ever since and have decided that finally, once and for all, I shall say Fuck It to these things:

1) Worrying about whether I look fat. Because I do look fat, and that's just the way it is. And I don't fucking care any more. I know how I got this way and I know what I would need to do to change it, and until/unless that happens, I'm going to wear what I want and what I like and everyone else can just deal.


2) Apologizing for what I don't like to eat. I hate spicy food. I don't care if this makes me an unsophisticated immature eater. It's icky and it hurts my mouth parts and I won't eat it. Ditto for cilantro. It tastes like shit and I have no shame in requesting my restaurant food without it. And I most certainly WILL pick it out of my food if you put it in there anyway.

3) Not respecting your opinion if I think you're an idiot. I will respect your RIGHT to that opinion, which is an entirely different thing. But if you are uninformed, selfish, mean, and/or stupid I won't even pretend to respect your viewpoint.

4) Not keeping up with every last detail of electronic technology. I'm 50. I still listen to CDs. I don't have a smartphone yet, although I'm sure at some point I will, simply because there won't be any other option. I don't shy away from new technology and most certainly don't pine for "the good old days", but I'm perfectly comfortable accepting that there is a universe of stuff I'll never latch on to, and that's OK.

So, what are you saying "Fuck It" to?

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