Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Every now and then I am a food genius

I’m working from home this week, so I thought I’d get fancy for breakfast and make like multi-cheese grits. Turns out doing things like measuring the right amount of water into a bowl are difficult before coffee. I put too much water in my grits, so I had to put a bunch more grits in there to get them less soupy. Then when I tipped the bleu cheese in, I tipped too far and put like half of the container. The cheddar I added later just was not cutting that MAJOR CHEESE STINK taste. So I put them in the fridge, because I would not throw away that much bleu cheese without a fight. Today, I pulled them out, added a shit ton more cheddar, and dipped toast into them. THAT IS THE TICKET. Totally perfect as toast dip.

What accidental food genius moments have you had? Accidental pairings that turned out yummy? Or hey, I will also accept food disaster stories.


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