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Every time I clean, my house becomes more disgusting to me.

I'm having some people over tonight to start watching the new episodes of Breaking Bad (yay!) so I got up this morning, ready to do the prerequisite cleaning. I already shook out all the rugs and swept/swiffered the floors a couple days ago, so the main things I set out to do today was straighten up, mop the kitchen floor, and clean the bathroom.

Let me just say, I like cleaning. I moved into my boyfriend's house back in November, and since then, I've added that "woman's touch," not only to the decor, but to our cleaning routine. I am good about doing things like windexing the windows and mirrors, sweeping and mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and dusting occasionally. But despite keeping up with what I think of as "basic" cleaning routines, I find my house getting grimier and grimier over time.

Dirt accumulates in the grout. Even more dirt accumulates between the tile floor and the baseboards. The baseboards look dingy. The light fixtures are covered in cobwebs. Dust bunnies are popping out of the heating vents. White appliances have taken on a yellow color. I honestly feel like the house is even dirtier today despite my efforts to clean regularly. When I start to look at it, every single inch of my house looks like it could use a deep cleaning. It's enough to make me feel faint.


So tell me, am I going crazy? Does the more you clean make you notice more dirt, or does noticing more and more dirt mean my regular cleaning is not enough? Is there any way to clean enough so that the built up dirty in the corners and crevasses eventually diminishes rather than building endlessly?

Okay, so maybe you can't tell me whether I'm crazy without at least knowing me and seeing my house. But maybe some of you can answer these questions: how often do you deep clean your tiles floors? Do you deck scrub or wash by hand? How often do people wash their baseboards? Or behind their stove/refrigerator? How often do you need to wash your baseboards and doors? How do you fit in the deep-cleaning on top of your regular housework? Or if anyone just wants to share their cleaning routine with me, that'd be cool. I'm new to this housekeeping thing and I need answers!


Wow, I am really glad I started this conversation. As I was typing it I was like, favouritewaitress, you sound like a crazy person, don't do this...


Can we talk about cleaning, like, all the time? I feel like I have found some kindred souls here.

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