Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ok- not really. But I am all puffed up on my own accomplishments right now. I finally made it out of the grey! (whoop whoop, party all the time!) And while my boyfriend has dared me to just comment "Fart" on everything, I think I'm going to stick with funny gifs and pro feminist statements.

Secondly- y'all remember this blanket I made?

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I donated it to a friend who had organized a charity auction, the proceeds of which went to lobbying for LGBT rights- especially at the state level.(I wish I knew the name of the organization, I was stoked to get a project to do) I donated the yarn and everything, and hoped it would make a little money for a good cause. You guys. You guys. Bidding war on my little blanket(well big blanket- it's bigger than a queen size bed- would probably comfortably cover a king size) and the price it went for-


Lemme go ahead and do another little whoop whoop!!

Mostly I just wanted to brag a little. Thanks!

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