So I'm sitting at the coffee shop eating my sandwich, rather peacefully. It's a good day. Across from me, at a small table, are two wonderful ladies about the age of 60. They are talking about food spoiling.

Lady 1: Feta cheese is the number 1 cause of lysteria.

Lady 2: Really? Oh my. That's what Beth had.

Lady 1: I know. I think my father died of lysteria. He liked to buy his feta cheaply. I always buy it fresh and eat it right away.

Lady 2: Yeah, I'm not that vigilant.

Lady 1: Oh, but you have to be! I think Meg had lysteria too. And botulism. Turkey causes lysteria too. Meg died of lysteria, botulism, and something else (can't remember, it was bad). You have to be careful with your food.

Now they are talking about Michael Jackson's "daughter."