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Everyday racism

I don’t think I’ve told you guys this story before but if I have ... too bad. I’m gonna do it again.

Two years ago I went to a new ob/gyn since my regular guy retired. The new guy sent me to an outside lab for my blood work.

I got to the lab a few minutes before they opened and waited in my care because a/c. There was one other car in the lot and a man was waiting in it. Information you need: I am white the guy in the other car was black.


The lab was a crappy cracker box building that had two doors, one for regular blood work and the other for drug screenings. There was a sign on the lab stating that if a person was there for a drug screen to go to the other door.

So when the lab opens both me and the man walk in. I was in the door first so I walked up to the only occupied desk and the woman behind the desk asks for my lab paperwork. Then she looks at the guy behind me and says “Drug screening is in the other part of the building”. And very quietly the guy says “I’m here for lab work”

She just saw a black guy and assumed that he was there for a drug screen. I’ve witnessed worse but it still really bothered me. And I wanted to say something but I didn’t want to piss off the woman that was going to stick a needed in my arm.

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