...the human body, right? Or is that just me? (It's probably just me). Mine is the cardiovascular system. I hate thinking about veins and arteries and the heart. It gets me queasy. It's why I hate having blood drawn or getting an IV (I break out into cold sweat and get nauseous almost immediately when getting an IV). It's not like the sight of blood itself freaks me out because it doesn't. I'm not really sure how to describe it. I remember in middle school health, they showed us an ultrasound or something of a beating heart, and I remember feeling SO grossed out that I couldn't look at it. I'm weird. Looking at the underside of my wrists or having that area touched freaks me THE HELL out because, at least on my wrists, the vessels are so visible.

Well, LUCKY FOR ME, I have an anatomy exam on the vascular system on Monday. Getting through this material is challenging on a different level. But maybe getting acquainted with all of the names of these veins and arteries and their potential pathologies will help me get over the icky-ness I feel when thinking about them? LOL NOPE, PROBABLY NOT.