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It was a glorious night last night! I had so much fun getting to know all of you a bit more, and we had a fantastic waitress who did not want us sober (haha, major props to her though-she told me that she just switched to being an engineer to going back to school...and that's enough, but seriously pretty cool!).

Such Party. Much drink. Doge talk.


Back to the point...

My moments of note, besides everything:

Talking to Dangertits about Bruce Campbell and sewing, as well as estate sale finds. And Ru Paul!

Conversations about the system in [X COUNTRY BECAUSE PRIVACY] with Sings Your Song (?)-and hon, please post RE the gig @ HOB! [Again, vague for privacy]. Plus the ride.

Smithwellette being kind enough to initiate a toast to me for winning an award from my [former, don't know why they can't let go of me] school. Yes, I won an award!


DevilsintheDetails. I always love you hon.

Seeing MsCinephile and GrayjoysMissingMember :D

ican'tremembermylastname being chill.

LaChargris speaking perfect French. Dyaummm. WHY DO I NOT HAVE THAT SKILL?

FreeSampleThief being awesome.

And I'm trying to remember the name of the person I sat next to on the way over :( I'm sorry! But you have amazing stories (I liked the one about your dad, could NOT stop laughing). Unless I posted it. Sorry!


All the SOs and family members that came too! Nice to meet them :D

Once again, three Guinness's and some blue drink has impaired my memory, but who the fuck cares NO REGRETS!


I love y'all. Y'all amazing. If I left anyone out...my bad :( Miz DD still loves you!


PS-Smithwellette and I are probably going to plan a WeHo meetup sometime. YEAH FOR REAL!


(Nap time, will respond later, sorry if post looks wonky, context of gifs hopefully clear).

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