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Welcome To The Bitchery

Right now!!! I went last night with Mr. Toad and we were both just entranced by it. The animation was just absolutely incredible. They don’t do it like that anymore. And the story and writing, of course, were also spectacular. It was darker than your average Disney Pixar kids movie, but I think that’s okay. I will say though that when I was a kid I would have been quite frightened by some parts of the movie, but I was a scaredy-cat kid who couldn’t even get through Snow White so, YMMV. My one criticism is that this story is very firmly and clearly Japanese, but the main characters are voiced by Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughy, and Rickon from Game of Thrones. I want to look more into the process of its making and design, to see if the story/design/animation included more actual Japanese people.

Also someone needs to watch this and confirm for me that the old woman who Kubo is friends with was definitely modeled after the grandmother from Mulan (aka the greatest animated character in history). It’s not just her hair and face shape, it’s her facial expressions. Idk maybe I’m imagining it.


I’m definitely going to be searching out more things from Studio Laika. I know The Boxtrolls is on Netflix, maybe we’ll do that tonight. In the spirit of making this more conversational, I’m getting more into excellent animation (Steven Universe is the highlight of my week). What movies would you guys recommend for just visual delight?

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