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While the Texans are having fun on their post, the rest of us need a place to talk about our homes. So, let me kick things off by saying Iowa, Fuck Yeah! I love the proximity to big cities without the headaches of them, I love being able to eat the best damn sweet corn in the world in the summer time, and I love that the population is well-educated and politically independent. On the negative side, our presidential election season runs about 20 months due to the caucuses. Seriously. If the past is any indication, we'll start getting presidential campaign commercials in April 2015 and they'll run through November 2016. You won't be able to swing a rubber chicken around here without hitting a presidential candidate in the summer of 2015.

Speaking of which, I'll see BRIMSG's Rick Perry with a corn dog and raise it a Michele Bachmann with a corn dog.


What about everyone else? Which Republican has stuffed food on a stick in their mouths in your locale?

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