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Everything is AWESOME! ALL THE TIME!

I like the snark. The sarcastic. The mocking. If I go to an event, a meeting, a dinner, there are always good things (they brought the good bagels!) and the bad (the boss ate with his mouth dribbling everything crumbs the whole time.)

I have this one friend whom I love, but who makes me stabby. Everything is always perfect. The visit home was always terrific and lovely. The kids were fantastically behaved. Losing weight was so easy! Her husband is a delight.

This is not said with Facebook braggato or maliciousness. Some of the things she says are awesome are not things I would think are awesome in a million years. She just has this talent to see everything through rose-colored glasses.


But I’ve gotten to the point where I just can’t deal with it. I have a hard time spending time with her because I get tired of hearing how perfect everything is. And quite frankly, my life is hard. There is no husband. There’s a lot of painful illness crap. My family is not kind. It’s a rare moment if something goes smoothly, usually there are many bumps and obstacles to get there.

It just makes it hard to talk about how things really are in my life. I rarely have a perfect, awesome, fantastic view of anything. There are certainly moments, but it’s not how I see life.

I do not know how to talk to her about this. I don’t want to lose someone who I care for and who cares for me. But I also end up feeling like crap after being with her. Thoughts?

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