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I know I'm late on the draw and I apologise if somebody got here before me.


I just got back from The LEGO Movie. (What? I'm a grown-up; I can do what I want.) I had hoped all the kids would have already seen it, so I could watch it in solitary splendour, but I hadn't considered children's need to watch everything several million times. It was a completely full screening, but that was fine.

I wanted to go because Mark Kermode, who is a wonderful film critic and a feminist, told me it would be "awesome". And, okay, there were some fabulous moments and I did laugh out loud several times. What he neglected to mention was the movie's glaring gender problems.

Mild spoilers throughout from hereon in.

Of the main characters, two are female. Wyldstyle/Lucy is feisty, a little insecure and, most importantly of all, hot. I mean, she's fine except that she feels a little one-dimensional and off-the-shelf. And part of her function is to create tension between the protagonist and Batman.


The other is Unikitty. Behold!


Unikitty is Pinkie Pie by any other name and basically does nothing.

The only human (rather than MiniFig) characters are father and son. What is mom doing while they're fiddling about with LEGO in the basement? Oh right, cooking dinner.


And the kicker is that it ends with "Now we'll have to let your sister play too." Cue look of horror. Hilarious! The sister in questions turns out to be quite a lot younger which may exonerate the jibe a little, but by that point the joke has sailed.

The expla-scuses I've seen for this are that it's "satire". Something isn't satire just because you say it is. Furthermore, children - this movie's target audience - aren't known for their sophisticated understanding of satire.


Has anyone else seen the movie? Have I missed something?

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