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Everything is entirely the fault of fat people

Including one woman's brave journey into the scary land of fatness by eating a whopping 6500 calories a day to prove a point- fat people are fat because fat people want to be fat.

So who wants to rage stroke with me over one of the most disgusting, horrific, humiliating, disturbing, and STUPID things that humanity has ever seen? (Taking some liberties with my description here, but seriously, this woman is horrible and I am mortified on behalf of… all of humanity.)

Apparently we've arrived at the edge of what makes for good journalism, and so Katie Hopkins, a *lovely* woman from the UK, decided to take it upon herself to prove that being fat is, like, totes a personal choice, and super disgusting oh my gawd, by eating her way through society's morals and gaining a whopping 20kg, just to lose that extra 20kg as "proof" that us fatties are making a personal choice and we should be ashamed of our disgusting personal choices. A television network paid her for this, and if you're lucky enough to live in the UK, you'll be able to watch this horror show early next year.


Here is the article, courtesy of the Daily Life out of Australia.

So yeah. This woman apparently never cried or had human emotions of any kind, beyond disgust for all them fatties, until she decided to eat cereal with chocolate milk for breakfast. Suddenly, everything changed and she realized that SHE WAS DISGUSTED WITH HERSELF. Which she should be, because SHE IS A DISGUSTING PERSON. Alas, she was disgusted for all the wrong reasons- not because she is a terrible person, actively humiliating other people based on physical appearance alone, but because she was turning into a FATTY FAT FATTY. And she didn't even ENJOY IT.


Watch her blame fat people for making her humiliate fat people.


Listen, it takes a special kind of fucked up person to do this kind of thing. It takes a special kind of TV network to pay for this kind of thing. I'm concerned for her children, their mental health and wellbeing. I'm concerned for HER mental health. She has taken body shaming to an entirely new level here. And she is right about one thing- she is DISGUSTING. She just doesn't see the real reason why.

I think it's bad karma to wish for bad things to happen to other people, but there is a small (fat) part of me that is hoping she did some permanent damage to her body by rapidly gaining and then losing that kind of weight.


THIS FATTY FAT CATERPILLAR is perfectly happy eating her deep-fried pepperjack cheese on a stick. The only reason I feel like I should lose some weight is because I'd like to fit into my $4100 wedding dress. Also, I can't afford to keep buying new pants. But I'm not ashamed of eating my feelings. And I'm not ashamed of my weight. I'm also smart enough to know that a person's weight or size has nothing to do with their worth as a human being, and doesn't necessarily mean they're unhealthy.

Too bad Ms Hopkins hasn't had the opportunity to receive such an education.

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