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Corgiman and I have been long distance since August, when I moved for grad school. And it’s been going fine, except that he’s had a really rotten week of a depressive crash followed by the flu (not a stomach bug, but the actual aches-and-exhaustion-and-headache flu). He was supposed to come visit me this weekend, but he can’t. And I’m normally pretty good at long distance, but I’m just ruined by this. I’m really really upset. We haven’t seen each other in three weeks, and by the time we can visit again it’ll have been five. Schoolwork is such that I can’t go there next weekend or during the week. It’s a long time to go without seeing your SO in person, and TBH I’m a little surprised at how much it’s making me cry.

Worse, I’ll have to go to brunch tomorrow with my parents, who already tend to side-eye Corgiman because of his mental illness, and they’ll do that thing again where they just hint and hint that he’s so high-maintenance and is making me so sad and they’re concerned that I’m choosing a guy like that. Which is a whole other can of worms I really don’t need right now.


I haven’t been exercising and I’m trapped doing stupid homework that’s worth a stupid amount of my grade and due on Monday, and I can’t even snuggle up with bae at the end of it all, and everything just sucks right now.


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