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"Everything sucks" on netflix

Anyone watching this or watched it already? I’m about halfway through and just love it. Brings up so many memories of trying to navigate high school while wondering if I was queer - and how hard that was at a time when I knew absolutely no one else who was. I had a hunch even in elementary school, but the idea was so abhorrent to me because of all the stereotypes of lesbian women. I tried so hard to be “normal” - but just like Kate in Everything Sucks - there were next to no ways that I was normal, and thinking I might be queer just made me even more different. I was younger than everyone in school - I started kindergarten at 4 and skipped third grade, so I was able to convince myself (and maybe others) that my lack of interest in boys was just because I was developmentally much younger - but I knew. It wasn’t until college that I met a lesbian woman (a ton actually - my undergrad city is kinda a lesbian mecca) - and that helped tremendously, but it doesn’t cancel out the years of stigma and internalized crap.

Amazing how much things have changed for LGBTQ folks - the progress and visibility we have achieved in a relatively short period of time has been amazing. That said, I was on a panel this past week talking about suicide, sexual violence, and LGBTQ people - we have so much more to do. Queer and trans individuals are so much more likely to be sexually assaulted and abused - and so much more likely to think about suicide, attempt suicide, and commit suicide. Even today - even with all of the progress we have made.


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