So much good news, I CAN'T STAND IT!

Everyone! I got a full time teaching position at the school I LOVE. The pay is going to be way better and I'll actually be doing less work. I currently work at 2 schools which are an hour apart; this, of course, means lots of driving but it also means lots of preps (often 4-5 different preps!).

At this new job, I'll have 2 preps for 4-5 classes. This is gonna be like a vacation!

Also! I have a friend on the committee who said she was willing to go to bat for me but she didn't have to because I was every committee member's first pick! That is amazing as the committees often disagree and debate. I am so proud of myself!

And thank you to the GT-ers and CrT-ers who offered advice during the portfolio process. I actually got an email from one of the committee members saying my portfolio made her cry. :) Y'all were helpful and inspiring and probably played a pretty good role in getting me hired as the portfolio is a huge part of the hiring process in this program. So thank you!


In addition to great job news, we just bought a house and I love it more every day. And I have authorship privs on GT now! Everything really is coming up Honey!

So, GT: what's your good news?!