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I got a job!!! I start Monday!!! WOOHOOO!

It's a really random role, not in my field, and it's a hell of a commute to an industrial park, BUT, it's a job, and it pays really well, and there's no concern about me getting bored because it sounds super busy and full on (which I need, I get bored so easily ).

Cracking some champagne tonight to celebrate :)

ALSO, I met the Texans.

They asked me every inane question about India and New Zealand and then some, but I didn't mind, because they were so funny and lovely and made me feel like part of the family. They also treated us to lots of lovely meals, which was amazing because we've been so broke and cooking at home every night.


Playing host to 3 enthusiastic but inexperienced tourists was exhausting though, and Tex and I spent 3 straight days in bed after they left, blobbing and catching up on TV shows. It was much needed.

What's been going right for you guys???

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