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Good news everyone! I got a new job for a lot more money than I’ve ever made before! Like I might have one of those fancy things I think it’s called savings.

Geekboy’s job is going well, and they love him. Now he’s talking about moving when our lease is up in January. Moving in the middle of winter woo! It would be nice to have a washer and dryer.

Tuesday I have to go to court about the accident that totaled my car. I just want that over.


I have jury duty in July that I want to try and get out out of. Hey thanks for hiring me I have jury duty in a month.

I start my new job next week, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself this week. Maybe I’ll go to the beach one day, I should be an adult and get back on good sleep patterns. Will I? Probably not.

I’ve been exercising, I’m doing Weight Watchers I’m trying to be a healthy adult but damn it I just want carbs and cheese and all the fried food. All of it. I never reach a point that people talk about.

“I can’t eat like a teenager anymore I don’t even enjoy it” “I miss working out if I miss a day” How? I don’t believe you I think you’re all just lying. When in reality you want to be having night cheese and watching Netflix in your underwear.

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