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EveryTimeIGetFollowed is Home From Surgery & Is Doing Great! (Plus: Thank You to GT)

Hi folks,

This is a follow-up post. For those who aren’t aware, our friend, EveryTimeIGetFollowed, had lumbar spinal fusion surgery (at 3 levels) last Wednesday:


She wasn’t sure what kind of recovery to expect following surgery. I talked to her on Saturday evening and she sounded great! She was very happy with the way the surgery had gone, and she was in great spirits. She said she felt better than she had in a long, long time. :)

She had acute pain from the surgery incision, but she said that the chronic pain- the sciatica, leg pain, and numbness- was gone! She was very optimistic that she would have a good recovery. Her Orthopedic Surgeon also said that the surgery went very well, and he was really happy with the results. The surgery lasted about 5 hours.

She **really** appreciates the support that she received from the GT community. Both the financial contributions- to help with the massive out-of-pocket expenses- and all of the emotional support, well wishes, and sharing. It meant a lot to have your support. You folks are great! :)


She had spent the previous 3 days in the hospital following surgery resting. She was quite content to just quietly pass the time, to decompress and heal. She hadn’t even bothered to watch tv, she had no internet, and no outside distractions. They already had her climbing 2 flights of stairs on Saturday, and she said that she felt really solid on her feet.


She was discharged on Sunday afternoon!

The ride home was a little longer and rougher than she expected. There was also some drama getting her pain prescriptions filled after she got home. She has someone staying with her to help out for the next couple of weeks (that was mandatory for her to be allowed to have the surgery.) Her friend was able to take a bus to the pharmacy and get her prescription filled.


Erin was just settling in for the night, she looked away for 5 seconds, when her kitty knocked over her evening protein shake & pain medication concoction. It went all over her pajamas, her laptop, and the sheets on her bed. I suppose the kitty was punishing her for being gone for 4-5 days? :(

She is looking forward to some very quiet, restful, healing days at home. As many of you know, chronic pain is very tiring. The constant pain exhausts many systems- the adrenals, it taxes the brain, and similar. She is hoping to send some quality time just resting and healing.


She is delighted that she doesn’t have to wear a corset or external “skeleton” for support, as she had expected before the surgery. She had also thought that she would be “stuck” in her apartment for many weeks because of the stairs. The fact that she was able to climb 2 flights of stairs at the hospital within a couple of days of the surgery means that she will be able to get outside and get some fresh air, people watch, and explore a bit much sooner than she had expected.

She gave me a couple of pictures to share with you. (I will “poof” the pictures sometimes late tonight or tomorrow morning.)


The first is a picture of her from the hospital, the day after the surgery. She said that she felt really grungy (she didn’t get to take a shower until Saturday.) I told her the slight motion blur hides any details of her “grunginess”:

Ugh, that is big ....

The second picture is an image of the dressing for the incision. The did the cut for the 3 level spinal fusion through the front, so she has quiet a bit of healing to do. She said that the incision is about 6 inches long:

tl;dr: Thank you so much for helping EveryTimeIGetFollowed!!! She really appreciates the support she received from everyone at GT. It means a lot to her!


She won’t be on the computer for a while. She needs to just rest and heal. I will send her some of the comments from this thread.

I am sure she will be back to GT as soon as she can to say “thank you!” From EveryTimeIGetFollowed last night:

Send my love and gratitude to GT!” Hugs GT.


ETA: I just received this from EveryTimeIGetFollowed:

“I have been soooooo tired. Just dozing in and out of sleep all day. Feels really good to be in my familiar surroundings and in my own bed. Haven’t slept so good in ages. I am really enjoying my convalescence. It hurts, but it is tolerable with the meds.


Peace and good night”


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