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Illustration for article titled Evidently Rape culture is womens--oops-- females new hustle

With unexpected pumpkin rant. Before I leave work and navigate the drunk Halloween crowds home where I shall —do more work, I had to share this little tidbit from a comment in the National [maple leaf] Post. It's in response to an article about the Toronto police chief urging victims of Ghomeshi to file complaints:

It doesn't matter why these women do or don't file a complaint. Do it or don't, but complaining about cross examination by the defense is bizarre. I thought these rape culture hustlers didn't understand criminal law, but now I see that they just want it circumvented.


Damn ladies, Yoda here just thought you were stupid, but turns out you're actually venal—and weird. I'm not exactly sure how you are profiting from people accepting the idea of a rape culture, but I definitely want in.

PUMPKIN RANT: I didn't want JG on the sidebar, so I looked for a cute pic. It turns out that if you google "black babies in pumpkins" you get . . . .white babies* in pumpkins. If you google "African-American babies in pumpkins," you get drawings of black babies in pumpkins.


COME ON BROWN SKINNED PEOPLE WITH BABIES! I know Mama raised us to never waste perfectly good things that could be food, but we have got to step up our pumpkin game. We have to overcome in the pumpkin patch as well as the boardroom!

*most of them look white, but so do some of my cousins, whatevs.

ETA: That fucker's picture still came up, so re-edited.

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