Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m working at our warehouse location today. Normally there are just two guys who work there. Today it’s me, one of the regular guys, and an agency temp. I just went to go to the bathroom, and as I open the door (to the women’s room), the temp is in there at the mirror.

He starts blushing and stammering. “Oh, uh... Jack (regular coworker) told me that if I, uh, if I have to go number 2 I should use the women’s room because the fan works better.”

This turns out to be true. So apparently the women’s bathroom here is the place where all the guys take their dumps. I’m the only woman who ever comes, and usually only when I’m covering for their vacations, so while I can’t really argue that a bathroom has to be reserved for me, it would be nice if they refrained from using it while I’m there.


And THEN, after I use the facilities, I realize there is no soap in the women’s bathroom. So all the guys have been using it to poop for who knows how long and not been washing their hands.

I’m here for the next week, and I am putting in an official urgent request for soap and sanitizer.

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