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Oh. My. God. I found out what the gross smell in my car was. Brace yourselves.

There was a 3 pound tube of hamburger meat in the way, way back, wedged between the door and the laundry basket of emergency blankets/supplies. *gag* Based on the last time I used my car to go shopping for Almost-MIL, it’s been in there for a week. In 90F weather. *hork* The package was blown up like a balloon.


How did I not notice this before, you may ask? Easily. I haven’t used my car since I got home on Sunday. I’ve either walked or used Housemate’s car (hers is MUCH easier on gas than my Suburban).

So, my entire car REEKS of spoiled meat. REEEEEEKS. I cleaned out a freezer full of game meat after O-H’s dad passed away and the electric had been turned off while he was in hospital, and THAT was less gross than the way my car smells right now. And the flies. OMG THE FLIES. I opened the car door and it was like that scene in The Mummy...


I put a pan of baking soda in there and have all the doors wide open, but if anyone has any better ideas, I’m all ears. Vinegar? Febreeze? Burn it down and start over? It quite literally smells like death in there. Absolutely horrifying.

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