I have a job interview soon. Yay! Except, last night a sort-of-friend (we’ve hung out a couple times, but we haven’t talked since last summer) called me last night to ever so kindly inform me that she had just interviewed for the same job I’m about to interview for. It went like this:


“Hi, I just interviewed for the job you’re interviewing for.”


“[company], right?”


“I just thought I should let you know so we’re on the same playing field/[something about it being unfair for her to know something I don’t know]”

“Um, ok. Thank you. Bye.”

This is weird, right? I would NEVER call someone out of the blue and do that - it’s very rattling! It’s surprising that she even figured it out (I think the interviewer mentioned something about interviewing someone else who had gone to the same college, she guessed it was me). Also, this job would require some discretion. It’s definitely plausible that her heart was in the right place and she panicked when confronted with an ethical dilemma, but.... WHO DOES THIS?!?

Groupthink, tell me I’m pretty! (And by “pretty” I mean “extremely qualified and hirable.”)