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Ex boss is still trying to screw me

Last month, I was fired from my job. Not because I was bad, not because I made a mistake, but because my boss changed my place of employment to a city that was three hours away, after I had already moved to the first city he indicated and I dared to speak to someone about my legal rights regarding this bullshit

The original city I was supposed to work in is a major city, with a great social scene. It is exactly the place a young person in their early 30's would like to be. The new city can only be described as po-dunk. Because I was told the company would be moving to city 1 (I don't want to give away too much info), I found an apartment there. I was very lucky since everyone said it would be almost impossible. But I did, and it's in the best, trendy part of town. And my roommates are awesome.


And then the company went on holiday. And the day I got back and moved into my new place, ready to get to work, I get an email from my boss saying, "Yeah about that move. I actually decided to not move the company there. I know you just got this place, so maybe we can work something out."

What. the. fuck.

When we met, he reneged on his word, again, and said that I would have to either give up the apartment and move to Po-dunk or give up my job since he didn't trust me to commute, saying "I think you'll find a job and quit when I need you most."

Again, What. The Fuck.

I went to immigration (since I am not a citizen of the country) and asked them about my options, which were basically, you have to work for him for at least a year if you hope to get another job or work permit. So I bucked up and tried to make the best of a bad situation.


That was on Friday. On the following Monday, my boss came in and said he wanted to speak to me. I knew what was coming because I just had the feeling that the immigration people would tell him what I had said. And they did. And that fucker fired me because he said he couldn't trust me. HE couldn't trust ME?! He told me to leave and promptly changed the passwords to my work email.

I saw an employment lawyer who said that I had no legal rights since I had worked for him for less than 6 months. But he did say that I would still be entitled to my holiday pay and since my termination was official for another month, he essentially gave me an extra holiday. Well, that month is up and you guessed it, the fucker is trying to deny my holiday pay.


He said that I took it when I was ousted and unable to work. I just got the email and I was so angry my entire body was shaking. I told him that since I never requested any holidays, I was legally entitled to a pay out. And he had the nerve to act like he's doing me a favor, saying "I've been fair to you, don't try to get extra money out me." He has no idea how much I love confrontation. And I know he thinks I was bluffing about having a lawyer. No motherfucker, you were not fair to me. Not at all. Your fired me for calling you out on your lie. And you think that as an immigrant, I'm too stupid to know my rights. That's why you wrote my contract in a language I don't understand.

Oh God, Monday can't get here fast enough so that I can start court proceedings on the smug son of a bitch. SON OF A BITCH!!!!!

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