It's that time of year when photos of me appear on Facebook with more frequency than normal. That isn't to say there aren't photos the rest of the year - there are just more right now.

I do not feel particularly great about the way that I look ever, but this year, it was compounded by Christmas-morning hair and sitting next to a beautiful sister, a possibly ridiculous hat made of gift-wrapping ribbons, and all the things that make people a feel a little more Ugly Duckling than usual.

So tell me something, GroupThink: WHY ARE THE EXES LIKING THIS PHOTO?

There are three of them on Facebook and we snoop (read: I snoop), but we do not interact. The breakups were not friendly, though we "remained friends" so they could continue to make sexual advances until I married and then forget I existed. WHY, ALL OF THE SUDDEN, DO THE THREE OF THEM LIKE THE SAME TWO PHOTOS, LIKE HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPTIC PAST?

Are they liking that I got ugly(ier)?
Are they liking that my hair is bad?
Are they liking my 91 year old grandfather, who is very obviously giving me a noogie?

They don't like the dog photos.
They don't like the wedding photos.
They don't like the photos of me doing what I love at an outdoor concert last fall.

They like the ugly sister PJs with a Christmas ribbon on my head. (Or are they liking my hot sister? Because we have discussed it and there is absolutely zero double-dipping in the gene pool.)

Is this a thing?