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Ex Surprise.

My ex is a pathetic manchild.

I asked him to cease all contact with me 6 years ago and blocked him on all things he could be blocked on. I went to Alaska the first time to put distance between the two of us. I basically act/feel like he never existed, for the most part.

I never loved him and spent 50% of the relationship trying to dump him only to be talked into taking him back. He is very bad at boundaries, so I knew he wouldn’t listen to my requests not to be contacted. (We live in different states, so I don’t feel threatened by him at all.) Despite that, he has only broken through my defenses (somewhat) twice.


The first time was a few years ago. My friend’s band was on tour and he was in the city where my ex lives. My ex went to his show and chatted up my best friend’s bandmate, who is also my friend, and was saying, “You know what? AskimBenim gave me her new phone number and I lost it. Do you have it?” My best friend happened to hear it and stopped his bandmate from giving out my contact info. He called me to let me know that the ex was digging around/being creepy. My ex is also a musician and later tried to book a show at my friend’s music venue but got a hard pass.

(“Your stalker sucks at stalking so badly that he’s basically stalking me.” -My Friend.)

The second time was today. Many of you might remember that I had a GoFundMe for my dad’s cancer expenses. I stopped promoting it after it became clear that treatment would not go on for very long. Life went on.

Today I get a GoFundMe donation notification, the first in months.....aaaand it was my ex. Who got a chance to talk at me through the comment you can write when you donate.


WHO DOES THAT?!? Who uses someone’s dad’s cancer/death as a way make contact with someone who does not want contact with you?

Addendum: I got two mosquito bites on my goddamn face while writing this. San Francisco warm day + no screens on windows = mosquitos. I am so angry.

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