Why does a professor think it’s ok to change the format of a final midway through exam week?

This class has been pretty terribly run throughout the semester: we never did half the assignments on the syllabus (like leading a seminar) and what we did do has never been graded. Or at least we haven’t seen any grades. But I thought, hey, at least I won’t have much of a final.

The professor told us multiple times, and again during our last class, what we would have a short writing assignment that we should all agree not to spend more than an hour to an hour and a half on it, maximum, and that we should hold ourself to this by the honor code. She didn’t want us working much on it. In fact, we’d meet as a group for one hour during exam week and work on it together.

Well, I just got an email saying that the final is a six page assignment that must cover a fair amount of ground, have some depth and justifications, and must cite sources. (It’s incredibly broad, like, “rethink this field and tell me why.”) Normally six pages is really not a big deal. I can write something like that in a few hours if I need to. But this is not the one hour assignment she made it out to be! How can you change something like that in the middle of exam week, when people (luckily not me, but definitely other people in the class) are juggling multiple huge papers due in the next couple of days?


This is the last assignment I have before I’m done with college, and I thought I was so much closer to being actually done. I’ve checked out mentally. I just...don’t want to.